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Since 2011 that ACIM (Associação de Cuidados Intermédios Médicos/ Intermediate Care Medical Association), a Portuguese Medical Association, exists. In 2014 the 1st edition of Porto Liver Meeting took place, dedicated to the subject “Acute Liver Failure – Monothematic Conference”. Since then, every single year, in the 23rd June, ACIM dynamizes one more edition of Porto Liver Meeting. We have already focused on the subjects “Acute on Chronic Liver Failure”, “Extra-hepatic involvement in chronic liver diseases” and “Liver transplantation – the clinical pathway”. This is a monothematic meeting, unique in Portugal that brings speakers with recognized international renown.

Along with Porto Liver Meeting, ACIM develops many post-graduate courses: “Acute hepatitis”, “Vascular access”, “Acute Intoxications”, “Pleural Diseases”, “Acute Complications in Cirrhosis”, “Fundaments in Emergency Medicine” and “Acute Endocrinology Complications”. The number of repeated editions of each course is the mirror of their success. Till 2017, ACIM also promoted scientific divulgation by means of its journal “CIP” – “Cuidados Intermédios em Perspectiva”, indexed to the Portuguese medical journals.

In a short period of time, ACIM has established in the national panorama as a useful entity, allowing medical formation in fields that classically are neglected. It is the goal of ACIM to continue growing and becoming “viral” within de medical community

Welcome Message

After the success of the first four editions of “Porto Liver Meeting”, does not make sense but to re-edit the event. “Porto Liver Meeting” has the ambition to bring to Portugal and Porto in particular, national and international speakers of high expertise in the filed of the subjects that they are invited to talk, in order to give a high quality and raise standards to the event.

It is also a concern to ACIM to show our country and what Porto has to offer, reason why the Meeting is also linked to a very special day for the city – the S.João popular festivities.


The 5th Porto Liver meeting, as a monothematic conference, will approach the subject “Vascular liver Diseases – Hot Topics and Controversies” and will have some particularities, like the existence of only three moderators, co-chairmen’s that will conduct the entire meeting. They are Prof. Helena Pessegueiro Miranda (medical chief of the liver transplantation program in Porto), Prof. Dominique Charles Valla (Beaujon Hospital in Paris) and Prof. Juan Carlos Garcia-Pagan (Clinic Hospital in Barcelona). It also counts with the scientific support of VALDIG – Vascular Liver Disease Interest Group of EASL.


14 international and 8 national speakers are invited and will be present, distributed in 5 great themes. They are experts in their fields of knowledge. The discussion will have real clinical interactive cases.

It is a great opportunity to see and be together with whom does science!


Be very welcome!

We wait for you!

Filipe Nery
Organizing Committee of the 5th Porto Liver Meeting



1st February 2018: Registration begins
10th June 2018: Registration fees aggravate

23rd June 2018: 5th Porto Liver Meeting – Vascular Liver Diseases – Hot Topics and Controversies




From 1st Fevereiro de 2018 | Specialists – 90,00€ | Residents or ACIM members – 80,00€

From 1st Junho de 2018 | Specialists – 150,00€ | Residents or ACIM members – 130,00€

In the venue | Specialists – 200,00€ | Residents or ACIM members – 180,00€



Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa

Rua Tenente Valadim, 146. 4100-476 Porto


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If you need any supplementary information concerning the 5th Porto Liver Meeting – Vascular Liver Diseases – Hot Topics and Controversies, please send an email to: office@acim.pt


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